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FrostMu Season 16

FrostMu x100 is opening in 5 October!


Safety Gaming

Server protected by reliable Anti-Cheat!


Opening date

Server will be opened 5 October, join us!


Reset Rewards and Icons

Ranking names: 
0-6 Resets: 100Exp: Icon name: Newbie
7-20 Resets: 90Exp: Icon name: Keen
21-70 Resets: 80Exp: Icon name: Butch 
71-140 Resets: 70Exp: Icon name: Master 
141-210 Resets: 60Exp: Icon name: Expert 
211-250 Resets: 50Exp: Icon name: Profi 
251-300 Resets: 40Exp: Icon name: Berserk

Rewards for new rank:
7 Resets: Red Fenrir
21 Resets: 50k Ruud Box
71 Resets: Seal of Ghost Horse
141 Resets: Expansion Slot of Radiance
211 Resets: Seal of Ice Dragon
251 Resets: Conqueror's Badge

You can earn reset rewards for web: Account Panel -> Reset Reward

Posted 29 / 07 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.