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FrostMu Season 17

FrostMu x100 is opening in 17 June!


Safety Gaming

Server protected by reliable Anti-Cheat!


Opening date

Server will be opened 17 June, join us!


Bonus for Newcomers!

From this moment we open Bonus System for Newcomers!

Every new player starting from 1st Reset receive Bonus Experience. With each Reset that bonus will slightly decreased.

Starter Bonus Exp (from 1st Resets) is 260% and then it will be slightly decreased to 100% till 20th Reset. After that dynamic experience system will take place.

Also don't forget about Starter Pack, which is: Boost Scrolls (3 Days), Panda Pet & Panda Ring (3 Days), Lucky Ticket Set LvL1. Items will be added in your inventory after character create.

Good opportunity to start game on our server and brake into the Top 100!

Thank you!

Posted 24/06/2022

Currently this is only one server.